Wolf Class SuperSwift

Black Fleet Wolf Class Super Swift  Side Silhouette Black Fleet OSF Wolf Class Super Swift Front Silhouette


Secondary Guns    80   recessed in hull

Tertiary Guns       348   recessed in hull

Missile Tubes       480


Energy Shielding: Primary Shielding

EM jamming and stealth electronics package



Sublight Propulsion  Plasma thrusters, Plasma Main Drive Units

Faster than light drive (FTL drive)  Dimensional phase drive


Ship’s dimensions:

Length 1900m

Width   600m

Height  200m


Municipal Cargo Hanger


Crew Complement:  140 dedicated to ships operations



The Wolf class Superswift never saw action in the Second Sabor War. The Wolf class was a development of lessons learned from the Bulldog class Superswift. While the Wolf class is nearly twice the length of the Bulldog, it has a smaller energy signature than the Bulldog class Superswift due to more elaborate internal shielding. This shielding does make for cramped living conditions for the members of the crew. The Wolf class also has a much higher weapons load than the Bulldog class, adding to the compact nature of the ship’s internal design.


This lack of size was seen to be an issue with the Bulldog class, for it could not carry a weapons load large enough to inflict damage on more than 2-5 Sabor vessels. Even with several Bulldog class working together, there was still a large amount of risk to the ships when they fired off their missiles. In many cases, it was the lack of a good sensor fix because of interference that would lead the ships to move out of the protection of phase space to stay in normal space to fire their missiles longer than was safe. It was common for Sabors to run jamming around their formations to keep missiles from getting a good lock on thier targets. This jamming forced the stealthy ships in to point-blank range of their targets. Most of the time the attack was so quick the enemy ship could not get a shot off. But there were cases in which the Bulldogs did not fair well. This was one of the prime reasons for the Wolf class.


The Wolf Class had more innovations than the Bulldog class.  Besides larger size and more weapons carrying capacity, the Wolf class included more sophisticated sensors to get past enemy jamming and still not be detected.


The Wolf Class has been equipped with newer second generation missiles that can be fired off while still in phase space, yet not risk detection by the enemy. The Bulldog class vessels have also been equipped with the new missiles and sensor upgrades, as can be retrofitted into the design without compromising its stealthy envelope.



Superswifts are a newer ship class produced by Proteus Designs that emerged to fill the ranks of the Olympian fleet as battles with the Sabors became more and more ferocious.  Superswifts were the next step in the battlefield of space. These ships were designed to have a small visual silhouette and low detection power signature to make them stealthily attack their targets undetected.  Superswifts are relatively small, having the displacement of a frigate, but are well armed with as many missiles as can be crammed into their compact hulls.


After the stealthy benefit of Superswifts class of ships relative to other ships of the fleet was realized, the ship type has slowly filled the ranks of the Olympian fleet despite their high cost of production, maintenance, and crew fatigue rate due to very cramped conditions.