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While the Olympian Empire is vast and full of wonders - close to 1,000 lightyears across and deep - there is a vast amount of space beyond the Empire’s borders.  The Sabors’ Realm and the Dark Matter Void border one part of the Empire. Across the Empire to the far opposite side lies the violence of the Galactic Core and Goliath, the massive black hole that is the center of the Galacia galaxy. Goliath is a menacing and massive monster on its own. The immense gravity of this massive singularity is so strong that it has drawn in 27 smaller singularities to surround itself.  The presence of so many black holes makes this area of the Empire dangerous to navigate, explore, and patrol.  The drawing in of countless tons of gas and dust produce a blinding glow in the region due to the speed and friction of the particles as they are compressed into oblivion. The intense energy present in the region causes issues with a ship’s ability to get accurate sensor readings and proper navigational fixes. Despite these issues, it was in this area that the first Unknowns were initially detected.  First the cylinder type and then the saucer type were discovered. Once the Unknown’s ship configurations were in the Empire’s ship recognition systems, they were able to discover more throughout the Empire, specifically on the border fringe.

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On all the borders of the Empire lies the Fringe. It is in these little explored areas of space that the major sightings of the Unknown craft have occurred. They were initially written off as sensor ghosts, or even stellar phenomena, due to the range and harsh conditions under which they had been detected.  Since the early encounters, frequency of unknown detections has started to increase. With these increased appearances occurring in ever closer vicinity to Fleet ships, these Unknowns act more like vessels under intelligent yet devious control.  These vessels seem to intent to push closer and closer to Olympian vessels, while still attempting to remain undetected.  These encounters are now happening far too often and too close to Olympian border patrols to be categorized merely as sensor ghosts or stellar phenomena. There have been several close encounters in outer lying planetary ring systems beyond the fringe that have been classified top secret by the Fleet.


In numerous cases, if an Olympian vessel should attempt to close the distance to achieve better sensor resolution, the Unknowns will move off deeper into unexplored space and eventually fade off like a sensor ghost. There have been further instances where Olympian border patrols have taken an aggressive stance. The Olympian patrols laid in an interception course into unexplored space that lasted past 3 days only to have the Olympian ship unexplainably lose the Unknown.  

In encounters that have yielded higher sensor resolution, these Unknowns have been designated by ships of the fleet to be of the following large, medium, and small size cylinders and saucers. To date, there is no known colony of the Empire that would use this type of saucer or cylinder configuration. Likewise, in encounters that were close enough for communication, these Unknowns have never responded to either friendly hails or hostile challenges.

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Little is known about these craft and the beings that are ultimately controlling them, but with every encounter the Empire slowly is compiling more and more data on the capabilities of these vessels. Estimated Unknown’s dimensions are based on a compilation of sensor logs from multiple ships and are as follows:


-Large cylinders are between 5.5-11.5km in length, and roughly 700 to 1200 meters in diameter. Larger discs and cylinders also have the ability to act as a mother ship to the smaller discs. The exact number of smaller discs that can be held in either a cylinder or disc is not known at this time.


-Smaller cylinders are 500-700 meters long and 75-100 meters in diameter.


-Cylinders have been documented as a mother ship and have been deemed to hold

10-22 smaller cylinders along each side.


-The cylinders also have the ability to hold an unknown number of larger disc shaped craft. These larger discs are estimated to be 700 to 1200 meters in diameter and 250 meters in height. Medium discs have ventured close enough to Olympian vessels for the Olympians get more accurate readings of these vessels to determine thier size to be between 100 to 250 meters in diameter and 10 to 50 meters in height.


-The smaller discs that have been detected are considered by the Empire to be a fighter or surveillance craft. The vessels of this type have shown up most frequently on Olympian sensors and their size has been determined as 20 meters in diameter and 3 meters in height.  When these craft venture near weapons range Olympian vessels have attempted firing on these smaller craft, and sent fighters out to engage these smaller disks. Yet these smaller craft always seem to avoid Olympian weapons fire, and have been able to out-distance any fighter patrols that have been sent out to engage them.