Tim O'Mally

Tim O'Mally is a civilian contractor, as they are called, who is the manager of a small gathering spot and eatery that gives the pilots and servicemen and women  in the Project Morpheus Lair a place to get lost and unwind. Though he is a civilian on the base, Tim had to pass a vast amount of security screens to be were he is.


While Tim is still not cleared for anything classified, it does not mean he does not try to glean as much information as possible from the officers and servicemen who visit the Bilge. Tim wanted to be a pilot, but could not get into the programs. He served time as a cook for a number of years in the Olympian army until his enlistment was up. Afterwards, Tim was able to get into civilian run programs to support the Olympian military. Finally he met the right people to then get his position on the Project Morpheus Lair.