The Fallen Ones

There is mention of the fallen ones, or the Nephilim, as they are referred to in the ancient texts of the Creator.


There is great mention of some of these fallen ones by thier specific names in the writings of Enoch that have been recovered from the time before the Fall.  From colonies that the Ark established and left behind as it as it fled outward toward past the Ordalla system and into the dark mater void, more recent writing has been found naming the fallen ones.


Since that time the Ark, with all its secrets and passengers, has not been seen again. It is said by Empire security that the Ark  was lost in the dark matter void. It is suspected the Ark may have made it through the dark matter void and into unknown space where it established a new colony somewhere to be free of the Empire’s growing oppression to followers of the “I Am”.  This oppression was beginning to cover the Empire like an evil shroud.  The Ark and its colonists, followers of the " I Am," kept  moving further out toward unknown space to  escape the ever growing tyrannical and oppressive grip of the Empire.


There were the follows of the " I Am" who did not move on to outer colonies to escape outward as the  Ark did. These souls remained in the inner Empire thinking they could influence the Empire from within to stop the oppression. Unfortunately, there was darkness at the core of the Empire that could not be stopped - only slowed. With the passage of time, being an open follower of the " I Am" in the inner Empire became a very dangerous practice and had to be done under deeper and deeper veils of secrecy.


What is not common knowledge in public circles is that Enoch, the leader of the Ark and its expedition, said the fallen ones have been insidiously influencing the Empire just as they had corrupted the world Enoch came from, as is mentioned in Genesis 6 of the ancient texts of the Creator. It is said Enoch thought the fallen ones had learned a lesson from their judgment on the Earth: the flood that ravaged the planet and wiped out all but Noah (the great-grandson of Enoch) and Noah's family.


Enoch did not go into great detail on the topic, but he further said that the fallen ones had now somehow established a presence in the Empire since its fall, but are being more meticulous, and lighter-handed in pursuing their master’s will than on the Earth. They take more time in advancing the plan of their master by a greater influencing of men to do their work so as to not bring about an immediate judgment in this region of space.


Many of whom have attained positions in the higher ranks of the Empire now see that Enoch was right. These unappreciated pillars of the Empire have fought hard to stave off the arrival of evil in leadership. Those who now have been forced to hide their faith can attest to the presence of a deeply evil influence on men in the Empire. These followers of the " I Am" can also attest to  how the fallen ones are using these souls in directing the course of the Empire.  It is further suspected that these fallen ones seem to be imparting compartmentalized dark knowledge to the many they have corrupted throughout the Empire to push new levels of technology, especially in genetics. Their will also seems to be in extending out specific Empire borders for an agenda that would lead to more conflicts. To what evil end this agenda has in mind is not yet fully understood.


It is apparent to those who are of honor in the Empire, that the good and honorable are becoming increasingly outnumbered. Since the Fall, there has been a visible, steady erosion of all that is good and just in the Empire to something that is corrupt, perverse, and evil. To the worst fears of the good who are left in leadership, power is quietly shifting to enslave the Empire and all who are within it to harness its might for evil gain.


What has been done so slowly and patiently that it was missed by those who are good in the Empire is as follows. Since the fall there has been a swapping out of positions of leadership in the Empire. This has lead to a slow eroding away of good in the leadership of the Empire, that the good are now powerless to stop. This has left a void for corruption to fill that ultimately put the worlds and people of the Empire in further bondage. While in the open the people of the Empire lose more and more of their rights as a tradeoff for a false security.  Behind the scenes, these fallen ones are implementing methods of persecution to followers of the “I Am,” while at the same time seducing those they can corrupt in the empire especially in the ranks of leadership.


The easily corruptible are deceived by the fallen ones, who come to them with the promise of power and wealth along with all the carnal enjoyments those may bring.  Once overcome and dependent upon what these fallen ones can provided, those corrupted by them become trapped, acting as pawns to their new fallen masters.


As a rite of passage and to further tighten their already tight stranglehold on their prey the fallen ones will ultimately offer a form of immortality provided by their benevolent master. While false, this immortality is a promise the deceived cling to, and in turn, they freely choose to serve the fallen one's own master in his insidious and evil fallen agenda.


Should any of these prey have second thoughts on the path they have chosen by refusing to obey their new evil overlords, or by looking for a way out, all that had been given and granted to them by the fallen ones will be stripped away, and their lives as they know it left in ruins.


There are many that have seen the truth and the true evil they served. These who cried out to the Creator for his help were saved from their evil servitude. All who have come out of the darkness to become a follower of the “I Am” have no regrets. Even under the oppression put upon followers of the “I Am” in the Empire, they feel it is better to die once and be in paradise than to ensure eternal damnation.


Sadly, for the majority the loss of the gifts of the fallen ones is too much to bear. Too fearful to move out of their torment, and too fearful to cry out to the “I Am” for rescue for fear of reprisal from Empire security, these individuals lose themselves to become cog in an evil machine.  Seeing no way out, these pawns become committed, fearing a double damnation: one in this life should they fail to do the bidding of thier fallen masters in this realm, and the one yet to come should their evil master fail in his promise of immortality.


It is now more important than ever for the followers of the "I Am " to re-band in the strength of the Creator to counter this dark infiltration by a  luciferin agenda, rather than go into hiding as many have. They can no longer allow the fallen ones more latitude and less resistance to manipulate the Empire to their master’s agenda.