Security Commander Seline

Seline is the Security Commander for the Empire and known as the “Black Princess” by some. Seline is said to have parents of great influence in the empire.  She grew up as one of the élite of the empire in one of the great mansions in an area of Olympia city called the Allegen Fields.


Seline was said to be genetically perfect - the epitome of the empire’s vision for humanity. She was a gifted student and athlete; she excelled in whatever she pursued. She could have attended any educational institution in the empire and could have had her choice of careers, but chose to join the Security Division of the empire. Between her acceptance to the security division and her appointment as Security Commander of the empire, there is a period of time in which there is no record of her. It is assumed that Seline was involved in some very covert missions and assignments for the Security Division.


Once she reappeared as empire Security Commander, she immediately put new security policies in place for the empire.  Part of these new polices was to take an aggressive position on the spread of any other religions and forms of faith that were contrary to the empire sanctioned religion called Awareness.  Yielding the full might and resources of the Security Division from its ships and shock troops to its covert operatives, she pursued and persecuted every faith counter to Awareness, especially the Followers of the I Am - or HeLa the cancer as they were thought of - with more tenacity and zeal than the Immortals had many generations ago when they almost drove it to extinction before their deaths in the mining colony at Tuftest 3.


It was this calculating cruelty and the unexplained disappearances of countless followers of the I Am that gave Seline the feared title of the Black Princess among those she persecuted.