Black Fleet Sabor Cruiser Side Silhouette Black Fleet Sabor Cruiser Front Silhouette

Sabor S Class Cruiser



Main Guns 112 retractable cannons to maintain stealthily silhouette

Secondary Guns 200 all retractable to maintain stealthily silhouette

Tertiary Guns 100 all retractable to maintain stealthily silhouette

Missile Tubes 48

Energy Shielding:   New Generation Primary Shielding



Sublight Propulsion  Plasma thrusters, Plasma Main Drive Units

Faster than light drive (FTL drive)  Dimensional phase drive


Ship’s dimensions:

Length 1300m

Width 200m

Height 1200m

Municipal Shuttle Hanger


Crew Complement: Ship is designed to be highly automated and can function on a minimum crew of 400 dedicated to ships operations


Ships Power: Fusion Power


Engagements with the Sabor S Class Cruiser caused a tremendous amount of damage to the Olympian fleet in the First Sabor War. What made the ship so deadly as a cruiser, besides the nasty firepower it carried, was that it had stealth characteristics. When the Olympians found the Sabors after years of Sabor isolation, they were met with a big surprise. The S class cruiser that the Olympians had a very hard time to initially detect had a few secrets and a pedigree that the average sailer in fleet had no idea about. The Sabor S Class Cruiser had been an early Olympian design that was produced on an out-of-the-way place that bordered unknown space.


The Energy Consortium had a secret research and development facility where it was developing second generation weapons that could be used to destroy or neutralize current fleet ships in the event a rouge colony could capture any ships of the fleet. The Sabors had done this once. Leaders in the highest ranks of the military wanted a superior secret alternative they could unleash if needed on a threat. Facility 1 or the Facility, as it was named and known only to a few  in the higher ranks of the military and the higher infrastructure of the EC, only sent messages by special courier ships that would bring in special supplies that could not be produced on the station, as well as crew and personal replacements every month. One month when the courier ship appeared on schedule, the station was gone with only an expanding debris field that seemed to originate from the relative position of the station. To the investigation team all data pointed to what looked like a reactor breach on the station. The Facility was in a system of 2 binary quasars that were emitting huge amounts of gamma radiation. It was due to these stars that the system was selected.  The toxic radiation and gravametric distortions would provide a good cover, if the station was positioned in a spot deep enough into the system, and far enough from the binary pulsars to stay out of the hard radiation. Based on debris pattern and neutron radiation patterns consistent with a fusion reactor breach within the debris, it was suspected to be an accident. There was a radiation spike from the stars, most likely due to some kind of solar storm that came up abruptly, thus overwhelming the stations outer shields before the stations sensors could read the radiation surge and react to reinforce the shields to protect the station. It was believed that an abrupt and violet spike from the stars lead to a destabilization of the containment of the station’s fusion reactors.


The EC research facility was written off, and thus, in the covert world, forgotten about. All the advanced technology there that had not yet been shared with the covert division governing it and other stations like it was considered lost. It was not until the first battle of the First Sabor War that any other considerations were given to the lost research station. It was in this first battle of the war that images of ships that the Sabors were using to wreak havoc on the Olympian fleet made thier way to the covert operations divisions of the fleet and the Energy Consortium.  The new Sabor ships were eerily familiar to some in the empire. The few in covert operations that remembered the S Class cruiser were putting the pieces together. Pieces that would need to be kept secret from the public and those in the military who did not need to know.


Unknown at the time to the Energy Consortium and the military, their secret facility had been discovered by Sabor patrols that must have been secretly surveying the area. The Sabors, having excellent training in how to perform undetected reconnaissance, had gained the information they needed to perform a strike on the station.


After the start of the First Sabor War it was clear to Empire covert operations that the Sabors must have overran the Facility and taken a fleet of the new stealth cruisers in development, assumed to be destroyed with the station, back to their realm.  It was said in the secret circles that the cruisers were plagued with problems, and the Sabors did not get much.  To the contrary, the Sabors obviously got enough information to use the cruiser design.

It did not take long for those in covert military circles to realize that with the raid on the Facility, Sabors got all the technology that the Empire was developing. Plus a look at what was being planned technologically for the next 20 years. This gave the Sabors a huge advantage early in the war until fleet operations could go over the schematics that covert operations was able to come up with. Covert operations had obtained this information from what was said to be surveillance.  Ultimately, the Olympians’ superior numbers in warships were able to overcome the superior firepower of the S Class Cruiser. With the help of covert fleet operations, new methods of detection were quickly developed to counter the stealth mode of the Sabor S Class cruiser. These developments and the superior Olympian ship numbers lead to an eventual victory for the Olympians, although it was very costly.