Peacekeeper Class Battleship

Black Fleet OSF Peace Keeper Class Battleship Side Black Fleet OSF Peace Keeper Class Battleship Fron

Peacekeeper Class Battleship



Main Guns 140

Secondary Guns 300

Tertiary Guns 600

Missile Tubes 200

Energy Shielding: Defensive Shielding



Sublight Propulsion:  Plasma thrusters, Plasma Main Drive Units

Faster than light drive (FTL drive):  Dimensional phase drive


Ship’s dimensions:

Length 3800m

Width 800m

Height 1100m

1 thru ship stern to bow flight hanger  

Flight craft: 50 landing assault craft, and 50 bombers


Crew Complement: 5000, 4000 dedicated to ships operations

1000 to flight operations


Ships Power: Fusion Power

The Peacekeeper Class battleship was an icon in the empire for over half a millennia. In that time it rained down terror on any outlying world that dare think it could separate itself from the empire. Thousands were produced under the command of the Emperor’s will. For a time, the Immortals would lead squadrons of these battleships to pound any unrest in to empire to dust. Later, as the fleet grew, it was common to see the Peacekeeper class accompanied by Black Panther class destroyers, and the later Dagger class battlecruisers involved in whatever operation would suit the needs of the empire.


While in its day the Peacekeeper class was a ship to be feared, it was designed for planetary bombardment from orbit, blockading problem systems, commerce raiding of problem colonies to bring them back in line, and engaging pirates in ship to ship duels. In all those tasks, the ships of the Peacekeeper class performed favorably. At the time the ship was at its height of operations; very few outside colonies looking for personal freedom could touch the Peacekeeper in a battle. Some had the resources to build ships to defend themselves and keep an expeditionary force sent by the empire from attacking. But once the fleet started appearing in numbers, it was only a matter of time before any uprising was crushed. This cycle went on and on as the empire expanded. It was not until years after the Sabor uprising that expeditionary forces of the Energy Consortium, looking for more resources for their mining operations to supply power to the empire, found a region of the galaxy that stretched on endlessly and had the resources to power the empire indefinitely.


What they did not realize is that they had invaded a region of space the Sabors had claimed for their own.  While this incursion was said to be an accident, there are many in the empire that sided with the Sabors and believed the incursion was purposeful. It was the start of a downward spiral of negotiations that lead to ships firing on one another over border disputes, and then all-out war. The Sabors’ main ships were cruisers that were more maneuverable than the Peacekeeper class battleships, but with equal firepower. Though the Sabor ships could pack a punch, they could not handle a sustained encounter. The Olympians had centuries to build their fleet and it was eventually the number of the Peacekeeper class that won the first war. It was estimated the Peacekeeper class outnumbered the Sabors 7 to 1. While the Olympians took heavy losses due to the Peacekeeper being outclassed, the Sabors could not afford their losses and retreated deeper into their realm past a point the Olympians would not follow. In time, an armistice was ratified and the new borders were established.


What the Olympians knew was that in time their energy needs would demand they go deeper into the Saber realm. The Sabors, knowing this as well, would dedicate all their resources to building their fleet back up. It was clear the next conflict would be bloodier, and the Peacekeeper was not up to the tasks and needed to pass its torch as the protector of the empire.