Zeyda Class Stations

The Zeyda class space station is one of the most innovative and long lasting designs in the Empire.  The design is almost iconic as a symbol of the Empire’s might and power. Once a Zeyda station appeared in a system,

it meant the Empire was there to stay and defend its interests.


Its looming presence could mean either security or domination for inhabitants of the system. The Zeyda class station was the first successful large-scale spacefaring engineering endeavor involving modular construction. These colossal stations could be retrofitted for any task that was needed in the Empire. Some stations were set up for use as mining operations, others as space docks, and others as shipyards. Still others were strictly used as habitational colonies in solar systems where the planets of the system were too harsh to colonize but had other value. Some stations were used to house new colonists while they waited for the infrastructure on the planets of their system to be set up. Then other stations were battle-hardened and put to use as military bases, military ship docks, or armed space stations in areas of the Empire on or near areas of the Fringe that needed a peacekeeping presence to maintain security. In some of the more dangerous places of the Fringe, in the Empire’s ever-expanding borders where mining colonies thrived despite the dangers of unknown space, there was usually an armed Zeyda class station nearby.


Though there are other station types in the Empire, it was very common to see at least one Zeyda type of some configuration. If a solar system was developed under the sanction of the Empire, then there was usually at least one Zeyda class station to use as a support system early on - if that system was a good economic advantage for the empire. The first station would be brought into the new system in modules. As the station’s core was assembled by the setup team, its reactors would go hot. Then the assembly of the docking or habitation ring segments would follow as more modules were brought in to form the disks that gave the familiar look of the design. Eventually, the station’s internal space docks were constructed. Once the initial station was functional, the mining of the system for resources and energy would begin.  Further stations would be constructed from either materials found in the system or from materials produced by gigantic matter-energy converters that were being used around the clock to meet the needs of the newly establishing colonies. In systems that were of high strategic importance where more stations were needed and needed quickly, station modules would be transported in and assembled simultaneously. If a new stations were being built in a hostile system, military protection would be provided to safeguard construction until the facilities could be brought on line to provide their own protection as well as that of the system.


Zeyda Class Medium Capacity Station  1S8D


Total Station Height  120km  


Main Station Tower Base  40km wide diameter  100km high

Main Hanger Ring 80 Km diameter  10Km high          

Space Doors 7.5  km high   6 hanger doors in total


4 Main Station Docking Rings   75km in diameter                2.5Km high

3 Secondary Station Docking Rings   70km in diameter      2.5 Km high

1 Tertiary Station Docking Rings  60km in diameter            2.5 Km high


Station Power Core Ring       20 Km Diameter   10km High  


Zyda Space Station