Nebula Class Space Control Battleship

Black Fleet OSF Nebulla Class Space Control Ship F Black Fleet OSF Nebulla Class Space Control Ship F

Nebula Space Control Battleship/Flagship



Main Guns 576

Secondary Guns 1152

Tertiary Guns 2016

Missile Tubes 400

Energy Shielding: Primary Shielding



Sublight Propulsion: Plasma thrusters, Plasma Main Drive Units

Faster than light drive (FTL drive):  Dimensional phase drive


Ship’s dimensions:

Length 14250m

Width 4000m

Height 3500m


1 Municipal Shuttle Hanger

1 Thru ship combat hanger stern to bow 200-300 fighters 200 bombers  50 assaults craft


Crew Complement:

10,000 : 7000 dedicated to ships operations 3000 dedicated to fight operations.


Ships Power: Fusion Power

After the Second Sabor War, Galacia Designs found itself in a place of having its ships outclassed by Proteus Designs, especially in the arena of battleships. The new Dragon and Huron designs had well out-performed the Galacia ships. Galacia, seeing the inevitable of a third war with the Sabors and enjoying the lucrative defense contracts that the last 2 wars had brought the company, was not about to lose its share to Proteus Designs and other upcoming rivals. Galacia Designs had seen how carriers, thanks to new tactics adopted by Admiral Owden, were becoming a new part of the theatre of battle. The company had seen how the new Sabor modular ships could be combined to make configurations that could overpower Olympian vessels. It was decided that new, more powerful ships were needed to patrol and secure the Sabor border during the peacetime between the wars.  On the fringe, dangers to the empire were emerging from the Hela, who wanted to secede their worlds from the empire. The Nebula class was an answer to those problems. Modeled after the Devastator Class battleship, but sized up by 3 times, the Nebula class was massive. It was able to carry the Phalanx II turrets that were until that time limited to only space stations and planetary defenses. The ship class was equipped with 2 fully functional landing bays. One thru ship bay was equipped with fighter launch tubes for fast deployment. Another bay for shuttles and cargo vessels was used so that combat operations would be hampered in the least.  

 Coming in at over 14,000 meters, the ships of the class were monsters at the time of their unveiling. They were a monster battleship that had a fully functional carrier within its hull. They had no equal and along with them came a highly armed and phase-capable air group. This made them a very intimidating sight to see parading around in problem areas.  Just the rumor of a Nebula class operating in the area was enough to quiet down any little unrests without firing a shot, sometimes even for months after the ship left the area. Galacia even went against normal fleet tradition and petitioned the fleet to name the first ship of the class the Owden instead of the Nebula. It was normal fleet tradition for the first ship of the class to be named after the class. In this case, the execs wanted Owden over Nebula. It was said the execs wanted to honor the Admiral by naming the first ship of the class after him. In reality, it was a gesture to apologies for not taking Owden seriously as the Admiral in charge of the fleet when he was promoted during the second Sabor war. Many of the execs came to realize that had it not been for the Admiral, they might be building ships for the Sabor and not have the wealth that building ships for the empire got them. In fact, all in the empire could have been made Sabor slaves had things gone the wrong way. Plus Owden was the one who approved ships, so being on his good side could be good for the company. The Nebula would be the name of the second ship of the class.