Lieutenant Austin Underwood

Security Chief Underwood is one of the 3 chiefs of security on the Heavy Battlecruiser Scorpion. Scorpion, along with the destroyers Discovery and Intrepid, are test beds for further experimental technology being developed by Project Morpheus to keep its vessels ever adaptable. Besides testing  technology, different command structures are being subsequently tested to assess their viability with new technology already in service and in further development.


One such test bed  is for the role of Scorpion's Chief of ship's security. Because of the benefits of ships link, the test is to see if 3 officers all on different shifts can efficiently exchange information to bring the officer they are replacing up to speed for the next shift ahead.  Or better yet, work together on the same shift to better see to the ship's internal security and exterior threat level.  Lieutenant Underwood, as well as Lieutenants Smithson and Watson, have volunteered to be part of this exercise on Scorpion.


Security Chief Underwood is a Lieutenant in the fleet.  Though he is not yet the chief security officer on the heavy Battlecruiser Scorpion, he is bucking for the job.  So when Scorpion was selected for the experiment in command structure, the Lieutenant was more than happy to be selected as an option for the position.


Lieutenant Underwood came from very humble beginnings and grew up in one of the poorest, dirtiest parts of Olympia Prime. Known to very few, there are parts of the big content on Olympia that are considered to be slums. Underwood was able to come out of there and work his tail off in the academy in order to make it into Project Morpheus, and from there to become head of security of Scorpion, one of the most aggressive ships of the fleet. The Lieutenant was meticulous to detail and knew of everything that went on in every centimeter of Scorpion. Underwood is of the mind that Scorpion is his ship and he is responsible for her safety - he just lets Captain Wayne use her out of the kindness of his heart.