Lieutenant Stephen Owden

Lieutenant Stephen Owden is the youngest of the Admiral’s three children. The Admiral had become consumed with Project Morpheus and had left his son’s upbringing to Stephen’s mother, Ruth, another geneticist on the project. Stephen's mother, as well has his older brother David, were both killed in the Dreadnought accident.


With the loss of Stephen’s mother, his care was allocated to Commodore Liam McKloud, who raised the boy and his sister Rose. When Stephen was of the age, he followed the in the family footsteps and joined the service where his gifting for flying could be refined. There is resentment and strained feelings in the relationship between Stephen and his father that come out as black marks in Stephen’s military file.


The love of flying is what keeps Stephen in the military and one of the things that keeps him sane. The other is Melissa, the love of this life.