Lieutenant Edward Smithson

Lieutenant Edward Smithson is one of the 3 chiefs of security on the Battlecruiser Scorpion. Scorpion, along with the destroyers Discovery and Intrepid, are test beds for further experimental technology being developed by Project Morpheus to keep its vessels ever adaptable. Besides testing  technology, different command structures are being subsequently tested to assess their viability with new technology already in service and in further development.


One such test bed is for the role of Scorpion's Chief of ship's security. Because of the benefits of ships link, the test is to see if 3 officers, all on different shifts, can efficiently exchange information to bring the officer they are replacing up to speed for the next shift ahead.  Or better yet, work together on the same shift to better see to the ship's internal security and exterior threat level. Lieutenant Smithson, as well as Lieutenants Underwood and Watson, have volunteered to be part of this exercise on Scorpion.  


Lieutenant Smithson is an officer that made it through the academy based on his brains and marks more than his physical strength. While he is an excellent sensor officer, he is not the strongest in hand-to-hand combat. Lieutenant Smithson is the type of officer that works best under pressure to find that one bit of data that is the key to unlocking the entire puzzle. While the Lieutenant Smithson is dedicated to the success of Project Morpheus, he has an ulterior  motive. The Lieutenant’s father was a missionary that disappeared when the Lieutenant was a teen by one of the security force squads.


Since then, Smithson is still looking to find the little clues that have been meticulously buried by the security division of the empire to find what really happened to his father. His position in Project Morpheus allows him more clearance and resources to find the truth. In his off time Lieutenant Smithson is more passionate about the truth of the Creator than most in Project Morpheus, and even more so about proving Awareness to be the false religion that it is.