Lieutenant Natasha Seemore

Lieutenant Seemore is one of Scorpion's best sensor officers. Natasha was a whiz kid at a early age. She was originally from a small, insignificant moon that orbited a massive gas giant in the Tomor system, located in the middle of the empire.


As a child, Natasha was always analyzing the energy emissions of the gas giant. She even wrote reports on her findings that made it to universities around empire. Because of this, many universities courted Natasha and allowed her enter thier programs 4-6 years before the acceptable age.


Natasha earned advanced degrees in quantum mechanics and then was approach by Admiral Owden to enter the Fleet Academy because of her achievements. During the time Natasha was in school she always visited home to keep close to her family.


Once she completed the Academy, Natasha was accepted to Project Morpheus where she excelled and rose on the ranks of Lieutenant and eventually became a member of Heavy Battlecruiser Scorpion’s bridge crew.