Jason West

Jason is an explorer at heart. In comparison to living on Olympia Prime the pinnacle of technology, art, sophistication, and the capital planet of the empire - Jason feels stuck in his backwater home planet of Ordalla at one far edge of the Olympian empire. Jason's parents moved the family to Ordalla at great expense and sacrifice for freedom for their family. They then bought a farm to have for the family.


Jason, who does not appreciate this liberty, still harbors resentment about being moved to his new home even years later. He is a gifted and talented young man striving to find a way to start a life of adulthood to get educated to be a candidate for entry to the fleet academy. Had he been able to stay in the home system, he would have been on track and had the sponsors to be considered a candidate for officers training as well as a posting on a ship of the Olympian fleet.


Now out in the frontier it will be many times harder for him. In fact, the best he could hope for would be a posting on a civilian freighter or tanker. When Jason is not consumed with the drudgerous chores of the farm - chores that are made better with work time conversation with the foreman Bob who served in the fleet and saw action in the Second Sabor war - he is then consumed with this studies to prepare for his fleet academy exams, or using his small observatory to explore the night skies.