Invader Class Carrier

Black Fleet OSF Invader Class Carrier Front Silhou 1 Black Fleet OSF Invader Class Carrier Side Silhouette

Invader Class Carrier



Main Guns 184

Secondary Guns 308

Tertiary Guns 1288

Missile Tubes 400

Energy Shielding: Primary Shielding



Sublight Propulsion  Plasma thrusters, Plasma Main Drive Units

Faster than light drive (FTL drive)  Dimensional phase drive


Ship’s dimensions:

Length 5300m

Width 1100m

Height 1000m


2 Thru ship combat hangers, one above the mid ships one below the mid ships stern to bow 300 fighters 100 bombers


Crew Complement: 7000, 4500 dedicated to ships operations 2500 dedicated to fight operations.


Ships Power: Fusion Power


The Invader class carrier is a large carrier class produced by Proteus Designs. Proteus Designs had been able to do with the Invader class as it had done with the Black Panther, Black Panther II class destroyer, the Dragon, the Huron class battleships, and the Sterling and Destiny class battlecruisers. That is, it produced a ship class that shared similar components to allow for faster production and repair of the ships.  The Invader class was not just an elongated Aggressor Class that Proteus stretched out over 1,000 meters to make for some more deck space like Galacia Designs did with the Insurrection design to produce the Illustrious class carrier.  The Invader class showed a whole new way thinking about carrier development.  The Invader class had all the innovations of the Aggressor class, including the phalanx weapons, and could handle more than a third more fighters than the Aggressor class, and even more in wartime.


The Invader class carrier also had the main gun complement of a heavy cruiser or battlecruiser and Proteus gave the Invader class the shields and hull armor to match up. While the Invader Class saw very little action in the Second Sabor war, its development brought a new direction of carriers in the battle theatre. The Invader class carrier was the heaviest carrier to date and it was a next step in the combination of a battleship and a carrier. It was a ship that could yield heavy guns as well as squadrons of fighters. It was this line of development that brought about the Nebula class space control ships, as well as the Behemoth class ships.  It was a glimmer of the direction of things to come with the Heavy Battlecarrier.