The Immortals, as they are designated, were the first in a line of Olympian protector programs, better known as super soldier programs. The immortals were a series of 12 subordinates known as Hera, Apollo, Ares, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Athena, Artemis, Hermes, Demeter, Dionysus, Hestia, and Hephaestos governed by one leader, Zeus. The Immortals were bred to be superior in every way from intelligence, strength, problem solving, and even appearance, wound healing, and regeneration. There were side effects to them; they were overly aggressive, given to the lusts of their passions, pleasures, and emotions. They were arrogant, manipulative, and highly competitive, always vying for a higher position and prestige over others in conquests attained.  


The Immortals were introduced as a peacekeeping force and given ships and garrisons to keep the empire whole. There was a growing rebel religious contingent called the Hela by the empire that was coursing residents of the empire to spread out into deep space, away from the protection of the empire in exchange for being able to practice an outlawed religion known as the Christians or followers of the I Am.  How the Immortals were produced and what genetic material was used is a classified matter held deep in the vaults of the Energy Consortium. While the Immortals were ruthless, destructive, and cruel, they got results and were a weapon the Emperor could wield at his will. Because of their reputation and the example the immortals made of the Hela, there were very few pirate and terrorist incursions on the fringes of the empire. The empire valued this stability on the fringe, fearing that instability on the fringe would ripple into the empire to the very home world itself. As long as the Immortals kept things stable, the empire was not concerned with their methods or how they governed their own planets and colonies, nor what they raided, as long as the empire got its cut.