Illustrious Class Carrier

Black Fleet OSF Illustrious Class Carrier Front Si Black Fleet OSF Illustrious  Class Carrier Side Si

Illustrious Class Carrier



Main Guns 84

Secondary Guns 1032

Tertiary Guns 3612

Missile Tubes 100

Energy Shielding: Primary Shielding



Sublight Propulsion  Plasma thrusters, Plasma Main Drive Units

Faster than light drive (FTL drive)  Dimensional phase drive


Ship’s dimensions:

Length 6700m

Width 800m

Height 1000m


1 Thru ship combat hanger stern to bow 400 fighters 100 bombers


Crew Complement: 6,300,  3300 dedicated to ships operations 3000 dedicated to fight operations.


Ships Power: Fusion Power 


The Illustrious class carrier was an attempt by Galacia Designs to capitalize on the basic hull components of the Insurrection Class carrier. Like the Aggnar class escort carrier, the Illustrious class shares not just some similarities in appearance, but also in components. The Illustrious class was a stretched out version of the Insurrection class carrier, boasting a hanger deck that was over a third longer than the Insurrection class carrier. While these ships were fast, they were not as maneuverable as their smaller counter parts.  


The Illustrious class was not developed until the beginning of the Second Sabor war as a ship designed to bring in massive air support for invasion forces for theorized mopping up of all the new Sabor worlds that would be taken in the war.  The ships had a fairly unremarkable service record early in the war and stayed largely in the backdrop of the battle theatre, for the perceived invasions and victories the war planners had projected had not come. Until Admiral Owden came on the scene. Once he did, he put these ships to work closer into the theatre of battle. While the Illustrious class brings a larger air complement to the battle, it became a much bigger Sabor target once the Sabor realized the new importance of the carriers in the battle.  Because of this, the carries needed more escort ships to provide support. While the Illustrious class performed well in the war, the ships of the class took lots of damage due to their size, making them more of a tasty Sabor target.


With the passing of the Second Sabor War, the Illustrious class, like the Insurrection Class, is slowly being updated with newer classes of relevant and better armed and armored carriers. The existing ships of the Illustrious class have an even more cavernous thru ship flight deck as the Insurrection class.  They are also equipped with faster-than-light phase drives that let these ships keep pace with the fleet. Plus many had upgrades to their shields and hull armor were due to continued repairs in the war.  This made  these ships even more suited than their similar sisters in the Insurrection class for conversion to armored fleet auxiliaries, command ships, hospital ships, troop transports, or even weapons transport ships versus being retired and sold off to more well-to-do planetary systems for their defense. If ships were deemed too damaged to be salvageable, the ships were stripped of useful and shared components and then broken up for recycling.