General Hector Thiassin

General Thiassin is Admiral Owden’s rival in every way. He resents that the admiral is younger than him by 75 years and is a High Admiral out-ranking him, as well as the fact that Owden is an advisor to Emperor Constantine VII. The General so resents Owden that he has been in a constant antagonistic power struggle to gain command over the imperial fleet, being that the Army needs the fleet for transport and support.


Thiassin, having his way, would be superior to Owden and the emperor. He would aggressively overtake the Sabor realm if he further had his way. It is speculation that the General had a hand in the Emperor Constantine VI's mysteriously looking natural and unexpected death. It was further speculated that the General was being strategically placed as an advisor to Emperor Constantine VII.


What was not realized by the General was that his battle tactics for the Second Sabor war and his intimidation of the fleet admirals were part of the reason the Empire was taking such heavy losses. Thiassin is a warmonger and a glory hound. When the son of the dead Emperor Constantine VI came to rule, he was not a pushover. One event that the conspiring forces as they were looking to change leadership of the empire  did not anticipate was the young commander Owden winning a major battle engagement by taking  tactical command of an Olympian fleet that was severely battle damaged and on the verge of retreat due to battle losses.


With the first major victory of the war, Emperor Constantine VII made Owden his chief military advisor and High Admiral over all the military. The General was furious and feels Owden dishonored him in battle and robbed him of his glory in conquering the Sabor realm.


General Thiassin will stop at nothing to destroy Owden to take back what he feels Owden stole from him.