Dominator Class


1Black Fleet OSF Dominater Class BattleCruiser  Si Black Fleet OSF Dominater Class BattleCruiser Intr

Dominator Class Battlecruiser



Main Guns 180

Secondary Guns 370

Tertiary Guns 1260

Missile Tubes 300

Energy Shielding: Primary Shielding



Sublight Propulsion  Plasma thrusters, Plasma Main Drive Units

Faster than light drive (FTL drive)  Dimensional phase drive


Ship’s dimensions:

Length 3800m

Width 900m

Height 950m

Municipal Shuttle Hanger


Crew Complement: 2300 dedicated to ships operations


Ships Power: Fusion Power


The Dominator Class is one of the familiar classes in the Olympian fleet. While not one the prettiest of ships in the fleet, the Dominator class is tough for a battlecruiser and can sustain a beating. While the Dominator class is a Galacia Designs ship, it was a good design to serve on had that ship been built 2 years before the Second Sabor War. Ships produced during the war were rushed into service and not as well built.  Because they were needed so badly on the frontlines, some even were even released with missing secondary systems. The design was brought about to replace Olympian ships of the first Sabor War that were projected to be outclassed by the time there would be a second conflict.


The Dominator class was first commissioned 10 years prior the onset of the Second Sabor War and did very well in peacekeeper roles until the onset of the Second Sabor War. The class served relatively indistinctly until the battle of the Orpheus system. It was there Admiral Owden took command of the Devastator Class Battlecruiser, Intrepid. Its bridge was smashed, having sustained moderate damage from a superior attacking Sabor force that could not take the time to finish of the Intrepid, for the Sabors were salivating for the main Olympian fleet.  


The then Commander Owden limped his battlecruiser back to the Olympian fleet, only to find the fleet being torn apart ships by ship by the Sabors. Having its command structure destroyed, the fleet was in disarray. Owden then took command of the Olympian fleet and, from what those who were there say, through divine intervention won the battle. It was the start of the wins for the Olympians and the Intrepid became Admiral Owden’s flagship, making ships of the Devastator class one of the most well-recognized ship silhouettes in the empire.