Doctor Horatio Zimmerman

Doctor Zimmerman holds the rank of commander and is the chief medical officer of the battlecarrier Excalibur. The doctor has been in the fleet since the since before the Second Sabor War. In his 50 plus years of service he has seen his share of space related injuries and battlefield trauma.


One of the doctor’s most valuable qualities is his teachable mind that is always open to new knowledge. It is his ability to use his existing knowledge and experience to then learn more, even when it challenges all he has previously learned to be true. He stands apart as one of the few doctors who was educated in the most prestigious institutions on Olympia Prime that does not fall into the Energy Consortium's influence on the use of restorons or nano technology to fix all disease and sickness.


While the restorons were originally a military technology that were designed by the Energy Consortium's military division to be used to heal soldiers faster. They were then adapted to a civilian variant to make the Energy Consortium tremendous profits. What Dr. Zimmerman observed was a problem with the restorons. While tremendously helpful, the restorons were not foolproof and not as adaptable as advertised. They needed periodic updating, something that the Energy Consortium said was a safety measure. The Energy Consortium did not want the restorons to adapt on thier own. Thier rationale was the little restorons could eventually attack the body if they were given the ability to adapt on thier own.


Dr. Zimmerman noted that restorons he had worked with and programmed with adaptive thinking never adapted to harm the body. They did in fact quickly destroy exotic micros, even those that were silicon and arsenic based, that had taken the lives of countless thousands. Without adaptive programing the restorons needed updates from the Energy Consortium. The problem was that the Energy Consortium Medical division had to come up with a cure and then transmit that information to the rest of the restorons. Many lives could be lost on that time, especially out on the fringe.


Dr. Zimmerman speculated that the Energy Consortium used the restoron updates as a way to manipulate the population. Based on the updates, the the Energy Consortium could control who lived and who died.  Once the doctor brought this point out to his peers a few years after the Second Sabor, he was discredited and lost all career standing.


Admiral Owden, having been treated by Dr. Zimmerman during the war, was aware of the doctor’s skill and was happy to bring him onto Project Morpheus. The doctor, once cleared by security, soon moved his wife and 3 children to the Project Morpheus lair.