Doctor Rose Owden

Rose was a civilian that was brought into project Morpheus to better map and study the Hi-Long genome, originally hand-picked by the Admiral for her experience as a scientist. After many long hours in the early days of Project Morpheus, a romantic spark lead to the two becoming a couple and then family with 3 children: David, Rose (Aurora), and Stephen.


While Rose was a good caring and nourishing mother, she was a scientist at heart and the demands of Project Morpheus soon led her to allocating the care of her children to aids as well as Liam McKloud, her husband’s chief of staff. In the same way, Aurora became part of the military to get closer to her father. David did the same to gain more time with his mother. He used the same family tenacity to rise through scientific ranks to become a chief engineer on Project Morpheus.


Rose, along with David, was one of the 200 lost in the accident with the battleship Dreadnought.