Doctor Francis Naughtern

Dr. Naughtern is an exceptional genius and ranked with the prestige of being one of the most skilled genetic engineers in the empire.  Though he came from the very humble beginnings of a farming colony on Hawtheron 2, the doctor’s gifting and intelligence were discovered early on by his elementary teachers. He was then evaluated and taken from his home and family to the most prestigious schools for the gifted, all at the empires expense to develop his skills. The investment paid off for the empire, but did not give the doctor a very family oriented childhood. The results: Doctor Naughtern’s skill and intelligence are equaled by his vices.


Dr. Naughtern is a manipulating, womanizing, conscienceless, prideful egomaniac. He would do anything to get ahead, no matter what the consequences, and with no regard for how others would be affected as long as he came out on top.  Doctor Naughtern was brought in as a consultant to Project Morpheus to analyze a strand of genetic code. The doctor was granted compartmentalized access and information to fix an issue the project had and extrapolate what was going on.


From there, Dr. Naughtern manipulated Emperor Constantine to placing him on the job, realizing the pressure the emperor was under and that the breakthrough of Project Morpheus could mean an end to all war.


Dr. Naughtern, seeing an opportunity to get even more glory from the emperor (as if being a chief science advisor was not enough), further manipulated the situation to get full access to the project. From there his ego got the best of him. Doctor Naughtern continued to manipulate and work to circumvent Admiral Owden’s authority until he won over Constantine VII due to the emperor’s desperation and pressure from the Energy Consortium.  


Emperor Constantine VII finally caved in to Dr. Naughtern’s demands due to grandiose promises as well as the timetable that the doctor insisted was possible – a timetable that was a full year ahead of Admiral Owden’s.  This was something Naughtern knew the emperor could not pass up. Thus started the secondary program of the Naughtern class of battleship: the class of ship riddled with such problems that Admiral Owden, knowing the danger they meant to the empire, insisted on their immediate destruction. Dr. Naughtern once again insisted on a field test of a stopgap measure on the first ship of the class the Dreadnought.  


This test resulted in a catastrophic failure that killed 200 of Admiral Owden’s best, including the Admiral’s wife Ruth, oldest son David, and  his close friend’s daughter, Bridget McKloud.