Destiny Class Battlecruiser

Black Fleet OSF Destiny Class Battlecruiser Side S Black Fleet OSF Destiny Class Black Battlecruiser

Destiny Class Battlecruiser



Main Guns 132

Secondary Guns 264

Tertiary Guns 924

Missile Tubes 300

Energy Shielding: Primary and Offensive Shielding



Sublight Propulsion  Plasma thrusters, Plasma Main Drive Units

Faster than light drive (FTL drive)  Dimensional phase drive


Ship’s dimensions:

Length 4000m

Width 1300m

Height 900m

Municipal Shuttle Hanger


Crew Complement: 3500 dedicated to ships operations


Ships Power: Fusion Power

While the Destiny class  of battlecruiser does resemble the Dragon class of  battleship. Like most battlecruises it  does not have the armor of a battleship, or all the armament.  This gives the class more maneuverability than the Dragon or Huron Class  battleships which it shares components of. One of the drawbacks to the Destiny Classes smaller hull is that it only has the space for 3 of the type 24 military fusion reactors standard to the larger ships of the fleet limiting the weapons it can effectively power. Proteus ship yards took all the lessons learned from the early Black Panther class destroyer and the older Dagger class battlecruiser and integrated it into the Destiny class so it is definitely able to holds its own in a fight. Should it sustain damage it can be quickly repaired due to the sharing of components of of other classes. Proteus designs also integrated an ingenious shield emitter design into the Indomitable, Sterling, and Destiny classes. While Proteus was ingenious they could not seem to get the new shields to work on their larger battleships  and carriers.


The new shield emitters would rise up 50 meters out of the hull and would provide a second outer energy shield to support the ships standard shields. With adequate power ships with this shield modification could extend the shield out 200 meters from their hull of us the shields to surround other ships in need of protection. The shield feature allowed these ships to stay in the fight longer and take hits that would knock out a ship of their class. This modification allowed the ship to stay in the fight longer and screen the larger ships more effectively.