The Creator 

The Creator is the supernatural being who is said to have created the Octavian people millennia ago. It was after the fall of the Octavians that the Creator was said to have gone silent to all but a set few of the people over the years. Admiral Owden is believed to be one of these chosen men.


It is said in the empire that it was the guidance of the Creator, or I Am, that led the Admiral to victory in the Second Sabor War. The teachings of the I Am have since become more present in recent years, driving the Security Division of the empire to go to greater and greater lengths to stop the spred - to no avail. There are reports of the Creator also sending angels as messengers to guide his chosen in the empire.


Due to the environment of the empire, all religions other than Awareness are not tolerated. Therefore citizens of the empire are persecuted for following other faiths, especially those who follow the Creator, or I Am, and are otherwise known as the Christians.