Constantine VII

Emperor Constantine VII is a 180 degree turn from his father. He has seen the ruling classes gain more and more power due to his father’s blind lust.  He has toured the empire and seen the suffering the rule of his family has caused to the common people. When Constantine VII took power he vowed to not follow in the steps of his father and become more of a puppet for the Energy Consortium and a tool to spread more evil, suffering, and death through the empire.


The new emperor caught a break by the Creator above when a young Commander Owden took tactical command of the remaining fighting brunt of the Olympian fleet. The fleet had walked into a Sabor trap and its destruction would mean the Olympians would not have fighting ships on scene for 6 months. Time the Sabors would use to walk right into the empire unchallenged by no more than a hand full of ships at their projected phase stops. The fleet was stretched that thin.


The new young emperor took a huge risk and took immense criticism with the promotion of the then Commander Owden to an admiral. The gamble paid off and Owden proved to be the right person for the job and turned the tide of war, quieting all the naysayers. Owden gave Constantine VII the justification to clean house in the palace of much of the dead wood. And if he could not clear the people in opposition, he at least could isolate the people of question.


Owden's continued success then made it possible to bring on more new people like Chaplin Gardener to run the state religion. Constantine’s intention was to use his power to implement political, social, and spiritual changes that would return the empire back to its original form of rule and to the original blood lines prior to the fall, to make sure he is the last of the Constantine blood line to rule the empire, and to prepare Admiral Owden, as he is the last of  the 12 blood lines.  


The more changes Constantine implemented, the more resistance he ran into, and the more enemies he made.