Constantine VI

Constantine VI was the sixth emperor in the Constantine line since the cataclysm close to 2,000 years ago that some call the Fall under penalty of death. It was the Constantine clan that took over the ruling of the planet Olympia from the council of elders. In fact, Constantine I had all the elders and family of the council of the 12 tribes eliminated. Known only to a few trusted individuals, Admiral Owden is the last of all the blood line of the original chosen tribes to be on the council of leadership by the Creator.


Constantine I soon expanded his rule to nearby planets, then the planetary system, then further planetary systems that reached further and further out to form the early empire. As each successive Constantine came to power, they became more and more ruthless than the previous one in their rule, subjugation of the people, and expansion of the empire.


Constantine VI was by far the worst of the tyrants that ruled the empire. To gain more power, Constantine VI made countless shady deals with the Energy Consortium and General Thiassin.


Blinded by immediate power and gain, Constantine VI made deals with the Energy Consortium that over time sold over much of the emperor’s power. One such deal led to the Second Sabor War for the EC wanted to expand their mining operations into the Sabor realm.