Commodore Liam McKloud

Liam McKloud is a Commodore in the fleet. Liam, like most of the higher ranking officers in Project Morpheus, has been under the Admiral’s command since the Second Sabor War. Once involved in Project Morpheus, McKloud became the logistics officer and right hand of the Admiral even to the level of helping raise the Admiral’s children as the complexity of Project Morpheus rose to higher and higher levels.


While McKloud is a loyal, sure, and steady rock to lean on, he is known for his stubbornness and emotional outbursts that can be a bit intimidating to junior officers. Yet he will play the good soldier and not let on in the open he does feel remorse for his niece Bridget’s death. Not that she died, but because there was no meaning to her death. The death of Bridget was the last straw for Robert and led to his resignation and disappearance.