Commander Noah Eddington

Commander Eddington has had some unique postings in his career, and is no stranger to the secrets of covert operations. There was a time 15 years ago, and 10 years prior to his posting to Project Morpheus, in which Commander Eddington was part of a salvage team that would rescue and recover damaged Olympian fleet ships in distress. Many of the ships the commander boarded were prototypes loaded with classified equipment.  Noah Eddington is passionate and capable but is inclined to emotional outbursts that are overlooked by Admiral Owden.  Even so, there is no one you would rather have covering your back in a firefight than Eddington.


The commander is a man of strong faith and conviction and while he is no Matt Gardener or Liam McKloud, he is slowly stepping into their shoes. Though Commander Eddington at times is very hard on himself, leading to him underestimating his abilities, he is very good at anticipating the needs of the Admiral and his ship. The commander is always ready to take on more challenges to better himself as an officer and be a better asset to his posting, traits which have led him to further promotion in his career.