Colonel Maximillian Brutus

Born and raised on the Indrandi mining colony, Colonel Brutus had seen his share of hardship growing up. The small Indrandi mining colony, while having a wealth of resources, it like many other small but resource rich mining colonies fought to keep its freedom and autonomy. The colony’s freedom and autonomy came with a price.  It kept the colony out of the Main Energy Consortium supply and distribution network by in effect starving the colony and keeping it poor. Too poor, in fact, to take on the bigger mining endeavors and limiting its distribution to unsteady black market sales.


As a teen, the colonel enlisted in the marine core to be part of something bigger than himself and the mining colony.  He was later recommended for officers training, in which he excelled. He was then brought into Project Morpheus as a Major. Now the commanding officer of the marine contingent on the Heavy Battlecruiser Scorpion, the colonel is a loyal officer that is willing to think beyond his training and orders but sometimes can take a little time to get there.