Chaplin Connor Gardener

Known as the Chaplin to the personnel of Project Morpheus, Connor was a father figure to Admiral Owden and raised him from the time he was a young boy alongside his own son Matthew. Had the young Cecil Owden’s true genealogy been known – that he is of the original ruling blood line of the empire before it was an empire before the fall - he would have been marked for death.


The Chaplin, being part of a protective underground that had existed since the fall, had been tasked to keep the truth of the Creator pure for the time of reintroduction. Conner early in his career was part of the empire intelligence and worked in culvert operations in the first Sabor war.  


It was here he made connections to powerful people of influence in the empire.  He soon became an advisor to the emperor Constantine VI and then Constantine VII.  It was after the second Sabor War that Connor was appointed to be the Spiritual Advisor to the empire and manage the state-run religion of Awareness.  At the same time he remained true to his allegiance to the Creator and looks forward to the day he can use his position in the empire to bring the truth to the light.