Captain Marcus Wellonton

Caption Wellonton is the captain of the Heavy Battlecarrier Sagittarius. Captain Wellonton is known for his famous statement after the battle of the Orphious system that echoed round the empire, "The God that Owden speaks with and who protects him from death itself, who guides him to victory despite overwhelming odds, has made a believer in a doubter like me. Owden’s God, the I Am, gets results you can't deny. With what I have seen I would follow the I Am to the edge of the universe itself." Captain Wellonton's statement spread like wildfire throughout the fleet and into civilian Comms traffic.


If Admiral Owden had not been winning the war, he would have been executed for following religious beliefs contrary to the empire. But Owden was winning miraculously and even Owden's strongest enemies in the empire knew that if the war with the Sabors was lost they would stand to lose all. Since Owden was winning, his religious beliefs and the beliefs of his officers would be given a pardon.  


Captain Wellonton, while a good tactician and equally good at communicating with his men, was not a good politician in the time of the Second Sabor war. Verbal tact is something the captain has learned by being involved in Project Morpheus.