Captain Peter Jericho

Captain Jericho, or  “Jelco” as he is called, is not known for his tact as a commander. He is bullheaded, driven, and foul-mouthed. He has been known to order the crew into space suits instead of life pods to keep his ship’s guns firing in order to win in a firefight instead of abandoning ship. Despite his less-than-charming character issues, he is loyal to his life under Admiral Owden’s command, to the cause of Project Morpheus,  and to the Creator.


Jelco is a chew-on-nails for lunch kind of CO. If he does not break the crew, they will end up exemplary officers. Jelco was a battleship captain in the Second Sabor war and a vital part of many campaigns under Admiral Owden. He has now taken command  of the Heavy Battlecarrier Orion and will undoubtedly make a name for that carrier in his service to come.