Captain Michael Gearing

Captain Gearing, now the  captain of the Battlecarrier Taurus, is another career officer that had served with  Admiral Owden in the Second Sabor War. The Captain, having been raised in some of the elite circles of Olympian aristocracy, could have had a life of comfort and ease. Instead, he chose the hard road of war.


Captain Gearing had been stationed with his family in the Andoran cluster. The Andoran cluster is a huge commerce hub of 21 planetary systems that was thought to be deep enough in empire borders to not have to worry about a Sabor attack. The Olympian war planners were proved wrong when the Sabors mercilessly attacked the military installations and civilian targets of interest on Tuven, a planet on the outermost world of the Andoran Cluster.


The Captain's cruiser was on patrol in a nearby system.  By the time it returned, hundreds of thousands were dead, including Captain Gearing's family. Since that time, the Captain has been very disillusioned with the leadership of the empire - all except Admiral Owden. While the Captain is a man of honor, he has a reputation of running a tight ship and tormenting new recruits as they acclimate to life on his ship.