Captain Matthew Gardener

Captain Matthew Gardener grew up and was raised with Cecil Owden.  As the two children grew into men, they became inseparable friends and went through the fleet academy together. The two men then served together through the second Sabor war.  


Matthew was always there to watch Owden’s back and had a key infrastructure and talented personnel on hand to help make  Owden’s plans a success. Captain Gardener was lost along with all hands on the Battlecruiser Intrepid on its mission to recover Hi-Long genetic material. Because of the covert nature of the Intrepid’s  mission, the ship’s logs were damaged.  Captain Gardener, rather than being a hero for allowing a huge breakthrough in Project Morpheus, was branded a mutinous trader which negativity affected his wife and 4 children.


Unfortunately, because of the covert nature of the mission, neither Admiral Owden or Chaplin Gardener could do anything to exonerate Matthew’s memory . Matthew’s wife, Brenda, and their children had to put them into protection and have change their names in order to live out normal lives.