Captain Knoll Evens

Captain Evens is the second captain of the Heavy Battlecarrier Pegasus. Pegasus’ original captain was an unconventional choice of Robert McKloud, one of the chief genetic engineers on Project Morpheus. While Robert held the rank of captain, he had not been on a ship’s bridge since the Second Sabor War. Robert was burned out on battle and had bought in on the  Admiral’s vision of an ultimate weapon to end all war in Project Morpheus. Robert had been Pegasus’ choice in a ship’s captain. After the death of his daughter, Bridget, Robert resigned from the service and disappeared. Captain Evens then became the captain of Pegasus.


Captain Evens, having a long military career, was one of the first carrier captains that had adopted Admiral Owden’s ideas on new carrier tactics early on, and helped the Admiral refine successful aggressive carrier battle tactics in the Second Sabor War.


Knoll has a wife and two sons that had become part of the civilian population in the Project Morpheus development facility known as the lair.