Captain Baron McHohen

Captain McHohen was Captain of the Stinger, a Frigate and the lead ship of task force 23 composed of the frigate Stinger, frigate Dwarf Star, corvettes Spirit, True Wind, Virgo, and Augusta.


Task force 23 was a famous group of ships that were tasked to protect Admiral Owden’s capital ships in the Second Sabor War and were in every major engagement from the battle of the Orpheus system till the conclusion of the second Sabor War. Captain Baron McHohen was famous for throwing his ships into the hottest firefights to deflect fire from the more valuable capital ships. He made task force 23 famous for he never lost a ship, though he did get them shot up plenty.


Captain McHohen stayed in the service for a number of years after the war where he led task force 23 to escort capital ships coming into the home system.  Baron’s son, Christopher, later on followed in his father’s footsteps and took over leadership of task force 23 when he was given command of the Stinger.