Bulldog Class Super Swift

Black Fleet OSF Bulddog Class Super Swift Front Si Black Fleet OSF Bulddog Class Super Swift Side Sil


Secondary Guns  60  recessed in hull

Tertiary Guns       80  recessed in hull

Missile Tubes       84

Energy Shielding: Primary Shielding

EM jamming and stealth electronics package



Sublight Propulsion  Plasma thrusters, Plasma Main Drive Units

Faster than light drive (FTL drive)  Dimensional phase drive


Ship’s dimensions:

Length 900m

Width 500m

Height 200m


Municipal Cargo Hanger


Crew Complement:  90 dedicated to ships operations


The Bulldog class Superswift is an excellent addition to the fleet. While the Bulldog class can serve well as an advanced scout or an escort in the fleet, because of its stealthy characteristics and lower armament carrying capacity the ship class is better served working solo or in concert with other stealthy ships of the Bulldog or Wolf class. The Bulldog has second generation stealth technology, meaning the ship class does have a lower detectable power signature equivalent of a ship half its size due to more internal shielding, but this does not mean the ship is invisible in normal space.


Considering the Bulldog’s stealthy characteristics, it is best for ships of the class to sneak into an enemy ship formation, launch its missiles, and then sneak away, whether in phase space or normal space.


The Bulldog appeared later in the Second Sabor war but was not organized into an effective weapons delivery system till Admiral Owden seeing the use of the ship class while in the lower ranks. Once Owden was promoted to Admiral the Superswifts started see missions that put their specialized attributes to the best use. Once Admiral Owden changed the mission parameters of the Bulldogs the class performed well in the Second Sabor conflict while most successes of the class are still classified.


Superswifts are a newer ship class produced by Proteus Designs that emerged to fill the ranks of the Olympian fleet as battles with the Sabors became more and more ferocious.  Superswifts were the next step in the battlefield of space. These ships were designed to have a small visual silhouette and low detection power signature to make them stealthily attack their targets undetected.  Superswifts are relatively small, having the displacement of a frigate, but are well armed with as many missiles as can be crammed into their compact hulls.


After the stealthy benefit of Superswifts class of ships relative to other ships of the fleet was realized, the ship type has slowly filled the ranks of the Olympian fleet despite their high cost of production, maintenance, and crew fatigue rate due to very cramped conditions.