Behemoth Class Armored Mobile Space Dock

Black Fleet OSF Behemoth Class Side Silhouette a Black Fleet OSF Behemoth Class Front Silhouette

Behemoth Class Armored Mobile Space Dock



Main Guns 752

Secondary Guns 1504

Tertiary Guns 5264

Missile Tubes 600

Energy Shielding: Primary Shielding



Sublight Propulsion:Plasma thrusters, Plasma Main Drive Units

Faster than light drive (FTL drive):  Dimensional phase drive


Ship’s dimensions:

Length 29250m

Width 8000m

Height 6750m


1 Municipal ship repair hanger

1 Thru ship Hanger stern to bow 200 fighters, 200 bombers  200 assaults craft, 200 repair craft.


Crew Complement:

14,000 : 5000 dedicated to ships operations 9000 dedicated to repair of ships in docking ports.


Ships Power: Fusion Power


The Behemoth class appeared as a concept during the Second Saber war, but the first one was not completed until after the war. The class was developed to fill a void that was observed in the Second Sabor War. Due to the fact that the Second Sabor was fought over greater distances than the first Sabor War, the supply lines in the second conflict were stretched.  Repair facilities were far from the theatre of the engagements, thus many ships that were too damaged to make repairs themselves and needed repair facilities had to be abandoned because the Sabors would pounce in on them. Many ships were tragically abandoned due to bad timing. In many instances, ships were lost for the ships’ crew had needed a few extra minutes or hours to bring critical systems back on line, and get the ships repaired enough to get underway to make it out of the heat of battle and better stabilize systems in order fight again another day.


This was a reality of which the Sabors were all too aware. If a ship was damaged and being escorted by other ships, the Sabors would attack the escorts. If the escorting ship or ships did not disengage, they would sustain too much damage to escape. Thus many ships were lost due to lack of fire power and time.


To remedy ship and crew losses, a class of ship was imagined that had the repair facilities of a space dock and the firepower of a space station. The Behemoth class was developed and was a combination armored mobile repair dock and gun-wielding space station all in one ship. The Behemoth class is large enough to house up to 10 battleships or other like-sized capital ships in its hold, or a larger complement of smaller size ships. The Behemoth had a cavernous secondary upper hanger that could house Corvettes and Frigates the way a carrier would house shuttles. The Behemoth class also had a tremendous amount of deck space and docking ports to dock with, protect, and repair up to 30-40 other ships on its hull.  It protected them with its shields while shelling out a tremendous amount of firepower while it escaped with them into phase space. Though the Behemoth class had tremendous firepower, its size limited its maneuverability. While a Behemoth could be used as a first strike weapon and was able to unclamp and launch up to 50 ships from its decks, hold, and support, a planetary bombardment that was not its primary role. They were too costly an asset to be lost and in battlefield scenarios they would stay back with the tankers (needed to supply not only the power hungry warships but also the Behemoth as well), armory, medical, and supply ships. The Behemoth was deemed primarily a support asset that would take up position close to the battle and out of harm’s way to provide support to ships in need of resupply, refueling, and repair close to the frontlines. If an enemy did approach a Behemoth and the ships in its group, that enemy would be greeted with a crippling amount of firepower.