Augustine Class Battleship

Black Fleet OSF Augustine Class Battleship Side Si Black Fleet OSF Augustine Class Battleship Front S

Augustine Class Battleship



Main Guns 276

Secondary Guns 552

Tertiary Guns 1932

Missile Tubes 300

Energy Shielding: Primary Shielding



Sublight Propulsion: Plasma thrusters, Plasma Main Drive Units

Faster than light drive (FTL drive):  Dimensional phase drive


Ship’s dimensions:

Length 4600m

Width 900m

Height 1000m


Municipal Shuttle Hanger

Crew Complement: 2800 dedicated to ships operations


Ships Power: Fusion Power

While the Augustine class battleship does resemble the Dominator Class battlecruiser, they are totally different ships. The Augustine class was put into service 8 years before the Dominator Class Battlecruiser by Galacia Designs as an upgrade to the aging Peacekeeper class battleship that had patrolled the empire for centuries. While the class boasted new improved armor, shielding, and fusion reactors, the Augustine class was the first ship class to employ the Phalanx ball turret weapons systems. In fact, the ship was built around the weapons system. While trials on the Phalanx system had been performed successfully on the older Peacekeeper Class battleship, the Peacekeeper Class’s hull configuration did not lend itself well to the new weapons system. Likewise the phalanx weapons system was very power-hungry, and the older style fusion reactors that had become the backbone of the fleet could only allow the phalanx system to work at half its offensive potential. While some newer upgraded Peacekeeper class battleships do employ the phalanx system, they only have the power to use it to the equivalent of a newer cruiser. It was deemed inefficient to upgrade the entire aging fleet of Peacekeepers when a new integrated platform could be produced in half the time and be more deadly.


The Augustine Class was then passed the torch to become the new defender of the empire  and started a ferociously aggressive shipbuilding campaign by the Olympian empire. Being the first new ship class to come off the line in centuries, despite all the development costs, did not mean the Augustine class was without its problems. While research on the class had started midway through the first Sabor War, the class was still rushed into production by its builder, Galacia Designs. While the ship had better armor and hull geometry to deflect weapons that might make it through its upgraded shields, it was heavy and a power hungry beast to maneuver. It was deemed that a lighter ship of less mass could be produced that would be able to perform evasive maneuvers more efficiently yet still bring impressive firepower to the battle line. The Dominator Class battlecruiser was produced to bring much of the same firepower of the Augustine class to the battle line, but at the sacrifice of armor for maneuverability.  The Augustine Class was produced in high numbers and served with distinction to become one of the backbones of the fleet prior to the Second Sabor War.