Aggressor Class Carrier

Black Fleet OSF Aggressor Class Carrier Front Silh Black Fleet OSF Aggressor Class Carrier Side Silho

Aggressor Class Carrier



Main Guns 104

Secondary Guns 208

Tertiary Guns 798

Missile Tubes 300

Energy Shielding: Primary Shielding



Sublight Propulsion  Plasma thrusters, Plasma Main Drive Units

Faster than light drive (FTL drive)  Dimensional phase drive


Ship’s dimensions:

Length 4000m

Width 1100m

Height 1000m


2 Thru ship combat hangers, one above the mid ships one below the mid ships stern to bow 200 fighters 100 bombers


Crew Complement: 5000, 4000 dedicated to ships operations 1000 dedicated to fight operations. 


Ships Power: Fusion Power 


The Aggressor Class Carrier was the brainchild of Proteus Designs and a large step forward in carrier design and innovation. The Aggressor was a welcomed improvement and appeared on the scene closer to the end of the Second Sabor War. Even so, it was still able to see plenty of action under the command of Admiral Owden, who used the new ship class to the best of its potential. With two thru ship hangers and heavier hull armor and shielding than the Illustrious or Insurrection class of carrier, the Aggressor class was ready for a fight. Another Proteus design innovation on the Aggressor Class also had lower pylons that extended down the outer sides of the ship at a 45 degree angle to provide a lower armor belt along the lower part of the ship’s hull. These pylons also provide more armor protection to the lower hanger, as well as providing mounting surfaces for the phalanx weapons systems - weapons system that as of yet had never been placed on a carrier.


Another factor that made the Aggressor so successful was the new Valkyrie fighters with phase drives. Having fighters that could make even limited faster-than-light jumps in and out of the theatre of battle was a huge improvement over the older fighters that were still in service on older classes of carriers. These fighters allowed the Aggressors to not have to stay in harm’s way as long, if at all, for the fighters could phase to a target.  This helped with adding to the ship’s successes over the Illustrious and Insurrection class carriers.  


Not all of the Illustrious and Insurrection class carriers were retired; some are still in service, but with new phase capable fighters, making them a much more effective weapons platform and prolonging the service life of the newer ships of their respective classes.  While the Aggressor class has the benefits of all the lessons learned from the Illustrious and Insurrection class carriers, it is a next generation in carriers to provide the fleet new support and strike capabilities.