Admiral Owden

Not much is known of Admiral Owden until he entered the Fleet Academy. In fact, Cecil Owden's childhood is a bit of a mystery. The Admiral was said to have grown up in a small farming settlement on an insignificant agricultural planet in the Mitron system.


The core of the Mitron system consists of 20 planets roughly equal in size to Olympia Prime, all of which resided in the ideal habitable zone of their solar system.  This system had several gas giants, one that lurked mid-system and others that were much further out.  In addition, this system also has 5 larger rocky planets that all ranged 2 to 3 times the size of Olympia Prime. Though these giants dwarfed the normal-sized rocky planets - and therefore had much higher gravity - they also had temperate climates which in turn made them good food producers.  Another valuable feature of these larger planets was that they had moons about three-fourths the size Olympia Prime that were habitable and able to produce food as well.


The Mitron system, and the many dozen other food-producing type systems like it in the Empire, were assets that had to be protected.  It was due to these walls of protection that these systems became isolated and a good place to become hidden and forgotten in the in the labor and toils of farming.


With the Mitrion system having as many planets as it did in its habitable zone, it was a very good food producer, and serviced part of the inner Empire. This particular system was 52 light years from Olympia Prime - close in cosmic terms, but in a less traveled and very secure region of the Empire. As long as the food quotas kelp flowing out of the Mitrion system, the Empire was not interested in interfering with its governing affairs.  Because the system was so close to the inner Empire, there was no rebel insurgency stationed there.  It was the last place Empire Security or enemies of Owden’s father would look for the last son of the now dead and disgraced captain. In fact, as long as the food kept flowing out, this system was of no real interest to the Empire. This made the Mitron system was a perfect place to hide in plain sight.  

Once the young Cecil Owden was of the right age he is said to have emerged from Mitrion 6 and applied to the Fleet academy.  He passed the entrance examinations with exceptionally high scores.  Once he graduated and began serving in the fleet, he began to distinguish himself even more. He quickly moved up the ranks of the Empire, and in leadership, to eventually leading the Empire to victory in the wars it chose to fight.


What was not known is that the now famous Warrior Admiral, despite coming from an out of an out-of-the-way, unremarkable farming colony on a remote part of Mitrion 6, had a very prestigious bloodline.


Admiral Owden’s father was one of the war heroes of the first Sabor war. While his father, Alexander Owden, was a fleet captain by rank, he became part of the Empire Security's intelligence agency. When Owden's father was assigned by Empire Security to take his ship out to the Sabor border and covertly monitor what was going on in Sabor space, Alexander Owden was aware of the risks.  What these orders meant was getting as far over the Sabors’ border as possible in order to get as much information about the Sabors as he could without being detected.


At the time of the mission, Alexander Owden was deemed by fleet leadership to be the only captain who was both gutsy and cool-headed enough to pull off this joint venture between fleet and Empire Security.


During this mission, Owden’s father met Conner Gardner. Gardner was, at the time, an intelligence agent with Empire Security and was posted to Owden’s father’s ship to oversee the specialized surveillance equipment, as well as the overall state of the mission. It was here that the two men were tested by fire, and after returning from that mission alive, became an inseparable team. The events of that classified mission have still not been officially been declassified by Empire Security. The things that were discovered were so controversial that they were kept secret from fleet battle planners of the day. It was these crucial omissions that led the early Olympian fleet to suffer such heavy losses as it did in the first Sabor war. Owden’s father, while privy to the classified information that was covered up about the Sabor S cruiser. He walked a fine line and was able to use and disperse as much information as possible throughout the fleet to avoid court martial, and save many lives. While this act of bravery made him a hero amongst the men he served with, the higher-ups in the Empire ( Having seen their plans of conquest and the rewards projected from winning the war burn up like all their lost ships from under estimating the Sabors.) wanted to blame Alexander Owden for the failure of the war as retaliation for him leaking classified information. After the first Sabor war Captain Gardener was able to run interference for Owden’s father Alexander while he attempted to further expose empire corruption after the war leading to the empires loses. Then a time came when Alexander Owden became too outspoken and was killed, along with his wife Veronica, to silence him once and for all. This heinous act was covered up by Empire Security as medical issues. While there was a hint of suspicion, many could read the message blatantly placed between the lines. To this effect, there were very few who questioned the death of their hero. Those who were smart knew not to pursue the matter or they could meet the same fate as Captain Owden. It was better and safer for Captain Owden’s supporters to distance themselves for a time to then rally themselves again at a later day.


Captain Gardner, being loyal to his dead friend, was concerned for the young and now orphaned Cecil. The captain had a small farm on a settlement in Mitrion 6. It was there that Captain Gardner could safety hide Cecil with his own family and raise him with his son, Matthew.  Once Cecil was of adult age, he could choose his own way. If he chose, as he did, to follow in the footsteps of this father he could do so with Captain


Gardner's guidance. By that time, anyone in the Empire that had a grudge against the Owden family would not be able to act on it without bringing considerable attention to themselves and their organization. If going the way of his father and a life in the military was not what the grown Cecil wanted, enough time would have passed that no one would be looking for him and he could lead a nice, quiet life. Either way, Captain Gardner could look out for him in whatever path the Creator chose for Cecil to follow.

Cecil eventually chose life in the military.  Captain Gardner, through his own deeper advancement into covert operations, was able to watch out for Cecil and see how the Creator blessed him and guided him from victory to victory.


With each victory came further advancement until Owden was promoted to the position of High Admiral. Outside the Empire, Owden had gained a reputation of being greatly feared and loathed by the Sabors who had suffered countless crushing and dishonorable defeats by Owden’s hands. While in the Empire, he had the honor of being one of the few included in the Emperor's inner circle, and was considered a trusted confidante and even friend to the man who held highest office in known space.