Black Fleet

         This is the epic saga of a group of highly trained and gifted individuals who have been shown truth despite millennia of lies by subjugation of the ruling clan. Banded together by the hardships of war, these brave warriors have answered the call to fight and expose the relentless evil that has cast a darkness over their empire.  This darkness spreads like a wild fire to all points of the habitable universe.  Going planet by planet, system by system, galaxy by galaxy like a plague, it is slowly infiltrating, infecting, and polluting all that is good and just. Many have been called to this fight and have fallen. Many others have been called to this fight yet have not answered the call.  Owden is a warrior who has answered the call. He brings his ships and his warriors to fight in this war – a war not nearly fought for territory, riches, and resources, but for souls.

         This is their story.  It is a story of the hardships they face to restore hope and faith while the dark evil infiltrating the universe tries to defeat them at every turn and rob the very life's breath from their bodies. Yet this is also a tale filled with sweet victory when Owden and his warriors stay on the true path set before them...